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iOS 17.4: Big Changes for Everyone, Even Bigger Ones in Europe

Apple’s next major software update, iOS 17.4, is expected to arrive this week, bringing a mix of new features and EU-specific changes to iPhones and iPads.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

New Features for Everyone:

  • Emoji Extravaganza: Express yourself with seven new emoji like shaking heads, a phoenix, and a lime.
  • Podcast Power Up: Enjoy transcripts in Apple Podcasts, searchable and synced with playback, similar to Apple Music’s lyrics feature.
  • Siri Speaks More Languages: Get messages read aloud in additional languages beyond your main Siri language.
  • CarPlay Gets Upgraded: Prepare for a more integrated and advanced CarPlay experience, although details remain under wraps.
  • Battery Health Insights: The Settings app offers improved battery health information, making it easier to understand your iPhone’s battery performance.

EU-Specific Changes:

  • App Store Revolution: Apple opens the door to alternative app marketplaces on iPhones, allowing companies like Epic Games to offer their own app stores.
  • Browser Choice: iPhone users in the EU will be able to choose a default browser engine and set a preferred web browser.
  • Payment Freedom: Developers can now offer alternative payment methods within their apps, bypassing Apple’s in-app purchase system.
  • NFC & Wallet Freedom: Users can set default NFC and wallet apps for payments, offering more control over their financial transactions.

Note: These EU-specific changes only apply to users in the European Union.

Bonus: Apple Podcasts gets a visual refresh with a redesigned Now Playing bar, while Stolen Device Protection offers more control over security settings.

Stay tuned for the official release of iOS 17.4 this week!

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