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What to Watch on Netflix, Prime, Disney+ and HBO in March

Ricky Stanicky (Prime Video)

In this comedy featuring Zac Efron, a group of teenage friends accidentally set fire to a neighbor’s house. They invent a fictitious friend, Ricky Stanicky, to escape responsibility. Two decades later, their wives demand to meet the mysterious figure.

The Regime – (HBO Max)

A fresh original mini series from the streaming world, this political satire features Kate Winslet as the autocratic ruler of a make-believe European nation.

My Name is Loh Kiwan – (Netflix)

In this new Korean romantic drama, Loh Kiwan, a North American defector, travels to Belgium to fulfill his late mother’s last wish. There, he’s robbed by Marie, a former shooting athlete, with whom he begins a complex relationship.

Spaceman – (Netflix)

Starring Adam Sandler, this sci-fi movie, based on Jaroslav Kalfar’s book ‘Spaceman of Bohemia,’ revolves around astronaut Jakub Procházka on a solitary mission at the edge of the solar system. He encounters an alien who helps him deal with his marital issues.

The Gentlemen – (Netflix)

Directed by Guy Ritchie, this series is a spin-off of the 2019 film of the same name by the same director. The plot centers on Eddie Halstead, who must protect his family and lands from powerful crime lords after unexpectedly inheriting a mansion from his father.

The Signal – (Netflix)

A German sci-fi series where Paula is a scientist working on the International Space Station. Upon her return to Earth, she mysteriously disappears, leaving her husband and daughter with a puzzle that could have a global impact.

Damsel – (Netflix)

Starring actress Millie Bobby Brown, this highly anticipated adventure film follows Princess Elodie, a compliant young woman forced to marry Prince Henry. However, she soon finds out she’s been deceived.

Queen of Tears – (Netflix)

A K-drama series written by Park Ji-Eun, the acclaimed author of ‘Crash Landing on You,’ tells the story of a tumultuous relationship between a couple from the elite class amidst the intrigue of the corporate world.

Young Royals (Season 3) – (Netflix)

The final season of this teen series hits the streaming service, chronicling the romance between a young prince and his classmate Simon at a boarding school. In the finale, the prince and Simon face challenges as they fight to stay together, grappling with the conflicts between royal traditions, love, and freedom.

Bandidos – (Netflix)

Starring Ester Exposito, this new Mexican drama series follows a group of bandits who, upon discovering an ancient map, embark on a risky adventure across the Caribbean in search of a treasure lost for decades.

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